Twelve Works of Art to Grace Any Wall

A chance meeting between a member of the Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (ANOB) team and an MA student at Falmouth University has led to a fascinating collaboration.

Art in the Environment is the title of a new calendar for 2014 that goes on sale this week. It displays artwork from students and alumni of MA Art & Environment at Falmouth University – 14 striking photographs of works of art set in the beauty of Cornwall’s landscape.

MA Art & Environment is the only course of its kind in the UK, enabling graduate students to address environmental issues around water, air, energy and soil as well as reconsidering concepts of community, health, food, waste, education and transport. All these themes are reflected in the artworks depicted in the calendar.

The Cornwall Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is made up of 12 separate geographical areas, covering approximately 27% of the county – an area of 958 sq km (370 sq miles). It is one of 46 Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the UK which, along with National Parks, represent the most important examples of countryside landscape. In its own right, Cornwall has inspired artists for hundreds of years.

“The calendar makes a dramatic change from the usual ‘pretty pictures’ of coast or moorland – some of the works of art are stimulating, even challenging, and very far from the usual ‘chocolate box’ pictures,” said Peter Maxted of the Cornwall AONB team. “But we at the Cornwall AONB have been delighted to work with Falmouth University on this project. It has opened our eyes to new ways of looking at the landscape and I hope the same will be true for anyone who buys a copy.”

The calendar retails at £9.95 but copies are available at a discounted price of £6.95 for anyone who orders them from the Falmouth University website link below, Books & Publications.

Profits from the calendar’s sale will be reinvested in an art-related business or project in the Cornwall AONB.


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