Painter and Falmouth Fine Art Senior Lecturer Mark Surridge – St. Ives Exhibition

Alignment Dark, 120 x 150cm, (C)Mark Surridge

Opening 18:45 (Private view) Friday 14 March, until 22 April

Alignments | Millennium Gallery, St. Ives

The Millennium Gallery website features a catalogue, including and exhibition introduction by Neil Mcleod, Senior Lecturer on BA(Hons) Fine Art at Falmouth, and an interview film with Mark Surridge.


Alignments: Traces, signs and veils, obscured by time, are re imagined in this new series of paintings. Particular sites around Bodmin Moor are ‘mapped’, remembered and transformed into works of ‘equivalence of experience’. Notions of archaeology are explored on canvas, where half hidden images appear in the paint, revealing excavated codes and syntaxes. Some of the paintings are divided into two parts, suggesting the passing of accumulated time or the movement of an ultra violet scanning device, searching for meaning.     Mark Surridge, 2014

Land Mantle Blue, 120 x 150cm (C)Mark Surridge

 Mark Surridge was born in 1963. He moved from London to set up home and studio in the depths of the Cornish countryside, since then he has established himself as one of the new and exciting generation of artists, exhibiting nationally and within the region. Landscape and the elemental forces of nature have been major inspirations in his work, resulting in ambitious large scale paintings and more recently, construction paintings, sculpture, installation and print making.

Surridge’s distinctive and individual work has been in numerous solo and mixed exhibitions as well as art fairs and open art competitions. The painting Storm Glow was shown in the Tate St. Ives exhibition ‘Art Now Cornwall’ in 2007, confirming his reputation as an emerging mid career artist.

nb: The Millennium Gallery is now Anima-Mundi.

Xenolith Green, 100 x 120cm, (C)Mark Surridge


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