Soil Culture Forum July 2014 – Register Now

soil_banner1The RANE (Research in Art, Nature & Enviornment) research group in collaboration with the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World (CCANW) are holding a ‘Soil Culture Forum’ over four days at Falmouth University’s Woodlane campus.  The Forum takes place from 17.00 on Wednesday 02 July to 17.00 on Saturday 05 July 2014.

The ‘Soil Culture Forum’ aims to bring together the creative and literary arts to help raise awareness about the importance of soil and foster an appreciation of its vital importance to humanity and the biosphere.  The first section of the Forum will focus on the many different ways that the visual arts engage with soil.  This will be followed by two days dedicated to the visual arts, and the final day will focus not simply on the soil itself, but on the cultural narratives that are a conceputal part of soil and, indeed, of ourselves. – A ‘Soil Culture Forum’ blog has been set up and here you can read further the background information to the forum;  view the participation information, as all attendees at the Forum are invited to submit a presentation; download the Forum timetable once speakers, workshops and presentations are confirmed and view the fees information as concessions are available and individual parts of the Forum can be purchased seperately.

For those wishing to register, this can be done at:



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