Ryan Joucla, ‘Drawing a Presence’, Newlyn Art Gallery

BA(Hons) Fine Art student Ryan Joucla is exhibiting some of his recent work in the exhibition ‘Drawing a Presence’ which opens at Newlyn Art Gallery this week. Ryan is a third year student whose practice includes drawing, film photography, and collage and is concerned with the notion of place and landscape. DSC_0143-compressed

Ryan’s drawings exhibited at Newlyn are taken from a body of work called ‘In Passing Series’.  These drawings display an in-between world, the landscape that we view maybe no more than in-passing depicting the experience of moving between two places. They capture a transition; displaying the in-between place between memory and reality. He uses a personal narrative as an illustration to describe this physical and emotional shift, finding the use of charcoal and erasure to be rewarding process for recall. By considering these nondescript spaces and exploring the aesthetics he questions their banality and his relationship with them, hopefully finding some degree of belonging and identity within my new landscape. 

The exhibition Drawing a Presence at Newlyn Art Gallery (9/5/14 to 12/7/14) asks what is it like to be a young person living in Cornwall, whether born and raised here or just stopping off for a short time? Drawing a Presence is a snapshot of what it’s like to be a certain age, at particular time, in a specific place. It  is a rare opportunity for artists between the age of 15 and 25 to present their work in a public gallery. Curated by Falmouth based Elle Sambrook and Henry Osman, themselves within that age range, this exhibition invites visitors to Newlyn Art Gallery to view Cornwall as seen by a new generation of artists. The focus is often in contrast to the archetypal image of Cornwall, with alternative landscapes and details often overlooked. Drawing a Presence is the pilot of a four year project which invites young people to express what they feel about the county in which they live.



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