memento mori 2 - Copy memento mori 4 - Copy pv_FALMOUTH10 BA(Hons) Fine Art students have been working in pairs with BA(Hons) Graphic Design students, responding creatively to mortality and how this is translated in visual terms. They have produced a Vanitas / memento mori object, image, in response to the notion that we are all mortal considering  the relevance/irrelevance of the traditional metaphors associated with death.

The project is interested in the aesthetics of death, the educational implications of this and the design potential for the context it might serve, questioning the ideology of Deathists and Immortalists; how we might contemplate our own future as being either finite or immortal; the notion that we either simply cease to be or that we can live forever through a spiritual, genetic or cultural legacy.

MOTH is a research project initiated by Nikki Salkeld and Ashley Rudolf, Senior Lecturers on Falmouth’s BA(Hons) Graphic Design. It looks at the Design of Death, respecting traditional and conventional associations with death and mourning, along with contemporary attitudes and anxieties and how design might instigate and support this process, encouraging us to talk about death with greater confidence and understanding.


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