Derek Tyman & Emma Rushton at Edinburgh Arts Festival, 2014

BA(Hons) Fine Art Associate Lecturer Derek Tyman, is one of twenty artists (along with collaborator Emma Rushton) exhibiting as part of the ‘Where do I end and you begin’ project at the Edinburgh Art Festival.

Emma Rushton and Derek Tyman, Flaghall, 2005, mixed media, installation detail.

Emma Rushton and Derek Tyman, Flaghall, 2005, mixed media, installation detail.

Founded in 2004, Edinburgh Art Festival is the UK’s largest annual celebration of visual art. Attracting over 250,000 visitors each year, the festival brings together the capital’s leading galleries, museums and artist-run spaces, alongside new public art commissions by establised and emerging artists and an innovative programme of special events.

As part of the Glasgow 2014 Cultural Programme, and during the year of Homecoming Scotland, Edinburgh Art Festival in partnership with City Art Centre presents a major international exhibition of contemporary art selected by five curators from Commonwealth countries.  Taking its title from a work by Indian artist, Shilpa Gupta, the exhibition invites perspectives from across the Commonwealth to explore and interrogate the ideas, ideals and myths which underpin notions of community, common-wealth, and the commons.

Through new and recent work by over 20 international artists, Where do I end and you begin considers what it means to join ‘common’ with ‘wealth’, reflecting on the notion of The Commonwealth as a problematic historical and contemporary construct and offering international perspectives on the range of associations which common-wealth evokes, from the challenge of ‘being in common’ in a truly global world, to ideas of the common good, common land, public ownership and alternative exchange systems.

Over the past two decades, Emma Rushton and Derek Tyman have established a reputation for producing exhibitions and projects as part of which they often invite others – artists, readers, musicians, members of the public, writers – to contribute to, or participate in their work. Responding to current government rhetoric surrounding work and welfare and the scapegoating of particular groups, their project Fear of the Surplus (2013-2014) was the setting for a programme of talks by activists, academics, theorists, organisers and campaigners to unpick conflicting ideas about labour, welfare and work, voicing and debating alternatives.

Recent solo exhibitions/projects include: Fear of the Surplus, The Tetley, Leeds, 2013-14; LIAR 2012, Sub Urban Video Lounge, Rotterdam, Netherlands, 2013; The Argument Is Not Finished And The Stage Is Still Being Built, Argument Vertoningsruimte, Tilburg, Netherlands, 2012; The Good Life, Lanternhouse Art Centre and Miterdale Forest, Cumbria, 2011; Flying Down To Moscow, Neues Kunstforum, Cologne, Germany, 2009; Piccadillyland for Art on the Underground, London, 2009.

The Edinburgh Festival takes place between 31 July and 31 August 2014


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