Brian Cheeswright and Ed Hill: Two Painters


Brian Cheeswright and Ed Hill: Two Painters

2 October – 9 November 2014
The Gallery at Idea Store Whitechapel invites you to a joint exhibition by two painters Brian Cheeswright and recent Falmouth Fine Art graduate Ed Hill.

Ed Hill aims to make atmospheric paintings, imbued with an elusive mystery and warmth. The subject matter used to inform his paintings can vary; sketches from life, personal photographs and memories and painting history can all inform an idea. Cultural phenomena such as film, music, literature and comic books also provide inspiration. A recurring theme in his work is the allusion to far-away places, perhaps a memory from childhood, a personal depiction of a place or ‘thing’ once visited or witnessed, an experience or sensation. It could be a semi-fictional invention or a borrowed story from a relative. He is drawn to images which contain strangeness, humour and a tragi-comic element.

Ed’s recent exhibitions include ‘Paint Like You Mean It’, Interview Room 11, Edinburgh and ‘Test Space Open’, Spike Island, Bristol. Upcoming Exhibitions Include ‘Bloomberg New Contemporaries’, World Museum Liverpool/ICA London (2014), and ‘Mr and Mrs Andrews’, Transition Gallery (2014). Ed was selected for Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014.

London born painter Brian Cheeswright is taking stock of his output and pondering the curious geography of lines and marks and wrong turns he has mapped out for himself – adventures carried out in the living room of his Edinburgh flat. Cheeswright’s modest-sized figurative paintings are concerned with vulnerability, anxiety, and the idea of each man or woman as stuck on an island, tentatively sending out a message in a bottle or clambering into ramshackle rafts to try and reach each other. His cast of characters often originate in books or dreams, though increasingly he is turning towards his own childhood and adolescent biography for inspiration. Cheeswright’s style has lurched, back-stepped and stumbled between the expressive, the gestural and the romantic, the cynical and the absurd.

Brian Cheeswright (b.1978) lives and works in Edinburgh. Studied at Brighton School of Art, graduating in 2004. Recent exhibitions include, ‘Draw In’, St Margaret’s House, Edinburgh (2014), ‘Artworks Open’, Barbican Arts group Trust, London (2014), ‘Paint Like You Mean It’, Interview Room 11, Edinburgh (2014) and ‘Marmite Painting Prize IV’, various venues (2013). Cheeswright was the winner of ‘Marmite Painting Prize IV’ in 2013.



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