Artists in Conversation – Convened by Rachel Hindley, hosted by Back Lane West

Talks & discussion Sat 15th Nov, 4pm-8pm


Saturday 15th November
The Elms (CN4C), 61 Green Lane, Redruth TR15 1LS
4pm – 8pm – including refreshments

imagesIntroduced by Daro Montag – CCANW Co-Director & leader of RANE at Falmouth University, this event marks the beginning of a series of talks and discussions titled Artists in Conversation,to be developed in 2015. Convened by Rachel Hindley, hosted by Back Lane West, the discussions aim to add to the legacy, and widening of the debate around the Centre for Contemporary Art and the Natural World’s (CCANWSoil Culture Project, which included the Soil Culture Forum held at Falmouth University earlier in 2014 in collaboration with the University’s RANE (Research in Art, Nature, and the Environment). Three rounds of artist residencies have been organised by CCANW in the south west, aimed at encouraging exploration of the importance of soil, providing dedicated time for experimentation, research, and the development of new artworks. It is from these residencies that Artists in Conversation has invited its contributors.

The event on Saturday 15th November is the pilot of the expected 2015 series, and Artists in Conversation has invited 1st round residency artist Jonny Briggs, and filmmaker Zoe Young, to be the first contributors.

images-1Jonny Briggs – will be discussing his work, not only in the context of the Soil Culture Project, but also with reference to the art historical and philosophical questions raised within the paradigm of participatory arts.


Zoe Young – is an ecological author, filmmaker and facilitator. She was commissioned to document the CCANW series of artist residencies in the south west, and will be introducing clips of the first series. She will also show clips from Bryony Stokes‘ film of the Soil Culture Forum, which took place at Falmouth University earlier in 2014. /

For further information on the day’s programme, speakers, and Artists in Conversation, see Back Lane West.


The aim of Artists in Conversation is to form the basis of a body of research, which starts with the notion of soil as a common denominator of both ownership and authorship, which in the context of the Soil Culture Project, constitutes both a microcosm of land and a medium and tool of the artist. One of the fundamental questions that emerges out of these ideas, is how important or necessary is it for society and artists to relinquish ownership and authorship, for the sake of social change? Drawing upon the socio-cultural and political concerns surrounding the participatory arts and social change, Artists in Conversationendeavours to provide an open platform for debate, to which all the Soil Culture artists in residence will be invited to contribute, with reference to their own art practice.


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