The Predicament – A Lecture by Daro Montag

Wednesday 19 November 2014, 5pm, Lecture Theatre, Woodlane Campus

In this talk, Dr. Daro Montag will consider the current predicament facing humanity in the 21st century, and question what the future might hold for art and culture.  Drawing on the tangled web of war, oil and money, the talk will look at how civilisations collapse and survive, and how a few contemporary artists are responding to this situation. There will be sweeping themes, bold gestures and perhaps even some free money.

Daro’s work has received many awards and has been exhibited internationally, including a show in Australia. In 2009 he joined the Cape Farewell expedition to the Peruvian Andes and Amazon as part of a team engaged in the cultural response to climate change. Daro’s art practice has for many years been involved with environmental and ecological issues – he is particularly interested in the inherent creativity of the organic world. Recent projects include This Earth, which looked closely at the importance of soil from a number of different perspectives; and RANE-CHAR, an action in which biochar was produced and distributed.

Free but strictly by ticket from The Falmouth School of Art’s Eventbrite


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