Bedroom Tax and Other Political Art

The below event includes the work of an alumna of the Falmouth School of Art, Mary Fletcher.  It’s taking place in Redruth over the next three days.

Mary was moved by the imposition of the ‘Bedroom Tax’ to paint some pictures contrasting Van Gogh, who had a spare room, which he famously decorated with the sunflower paintings ready for the visit Gauguin, with David Cameron who, Fletcher asserts, has a spare house and leads the government which brought in the ‘Bedroom Tax’.

Van Gogh was supported most of his life by his brother Theo, having proved himself unable to keep a steady job.

Musing on the contributions made to life by Vincent and David leads Mary to take up the subject of spare rooms, whether they are needed, what the effect of the ‘Bedroom Tax’ is, and similarly spare houses, second homes….

She invited contributions from others on this subject and also other political art for this show at the Cornwall Media Resources artist group in Redruth.

David Axtell has joined the show with some installations, plus Alice Mahoney, Fred McVittie and others.



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