Sculpture-performance ‘The Bricklayer and The Artist’ on Saturday 11 July 2015

Pablo 1

On Saturday 11 July between 12pm and 5pm there will be a sculpture-performance of ‘The Bricklayer and The Artist’ by Pablo de Laborde Lascaris at the Chelsea College of Arts, Rootstein Hopkins Parade Ground, SW1P 4JU.  This event has been organised through the Pangaeas Sculptors’ Centre.  Pablo is an alumnus of Falmouth School of Art, having graduated in BA(Hons) Fine Art in 2011.

For this sculpture-performance Pablo will work with a bricklayer to construct a watchtower. Taking a site-sensitive approach, this form is inspired by the Panopticon that once stood near by, surveilling the Millbank Prison in the nineteenth century. But there is a twist. Through building and unbuilding, the artist and bricklayer will construct the curved form, only to remove the bricks from one side and use them to build up the other. Like a snake eating its own tail, this will be an oroboros demonstration of ingestion and rebirth.

#TransActing: A Market of Values This bustling pop-up market will feature 50+ stalls that creatively explore existing systems of evaluation and actively produce new ones: a fablab, organ donation, commoners, a skillshare, bricklaying, an economy of promises, bring your own BBQ food, a speakers’ corner— even a kiosk buying tears. Multiple currencies will circulate, not all of them monetary. #TransActing is organised by Critical Practice and designed in collaboration with public works.


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