Solidity – Tell Me How You Stand? (30 Days of Sediment)

Below is an invitation from BA(Hons) Drawing alumna, Sophie Glover, who is exhibiting with another of our alumna, Ella West, who studied Fine Art at Falmouth:


“I would like to invite you to the Private view of my joint solo show at The Hundred Years Gallery in Hoxton from 6-9 pm on the 18th of September.

The exhibition, Solidity · Tell Me How You Stand (30 Days of Sediment), will present the first exhibition of collaborative work by myself and Ella West. The pieces have been made during a residency on the island of Kökar, a tiny piece of land positioned between Sweden and Finland in the middle of the Baltic Sea. The project explores the rocks on the island through different concepts of representation, both playful and inquisitive, whilst investigating the historical and anthropological links to the land.

The exhibition will also include a collaborative event with Bristol collective CHAMP. We will be investigating our own experience of the perception of rocks resulting in a participatory performance by CHAMP in the gallery space on the 25th September

The exhibition will run until the 27th of September.”

Follow links below for further details:

sophie gloverella west


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