‘Drawing Thoughts’ – Issue 20 of Interalia Magazine devoted to Drawing

Isomorphogenesis no.13, (c) Gemma Anderson

Isomorphogenesis no.13, (c) Gemma Anderson

Interalia is an online magazine dedicated to the interactions between the arts, sciences and consciousness. The January 2016 – ‘Drawing Thoughts‘ – explores contemporary thinking on the practice of drawing, discussing its creative, expressive and educational value, and its fundamental importance to translating and analysing the world. The issue’s overarching aim is to affirm the value of drawing, and includes an interview with Falmouth BA(Hons) Drawing Lecturer Gemma Andersonclick here to read the interview with Gemma.

Contributions also include exclusive interviews with Zaria Forman, Anita Taylor and Angela Eames and Visiting Lecturer to Falmouth, Deanna Petherbridge. ‘Drawing Thoughts‘ also includes articles by James Faure Walker, Karen Kurczynski, Wendy SmithMaureen McQuillanStanzaEve Andrée Laramée, Jaq Chartier, Danielle Groves, Richard Bright and Garry Kennard; plus a video by Sir Roger Penrose: ‘How Drawing Is Used for Maths and Science.’

Anita Taylor will deliver the Keynote Lecture at the forthcoming Observations Drawing Forum at Falmouth University, an event for staff and students, alongside which will run a staff drawing exhibition.



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