Artist Opportunity – 7 day residency offered by Falmouth Alumni

A 7-day artist residency is offered at St Just, Cornwall in September 2016. It is being organised by Becki Nevin and Verena van den Berg, both alumni of Falmouth School of Art.



7-day artistic residency at St Just, West Penwith, Cornwall

10-17 September 2016

In a mixed landscape of moors, derelict mines, ancient stones and coastline we want to bring together 12 diverse artists to share in each other’s practice and create new work. We will also work with local residents, who will join our morning workshops.

Our days will begin with optional yoga/body work. After breakfast two different participating artists will share an element of their practice in a workshop format. The rest of the day is open for engaging in a creative process, whatever that means to you. We also offer trips to nearby ancient sites and an iron age mine (chipped out by hand) because we deem the land an equal partner in our making. After the communal dinner, which we cook in turn, there is time to share work, with no obligation to do so. The whole schedule is flexible to be adapted to personal and group needs because we feel freedom is essential to creativity. At the same time, we are looking for people who are self-motivated and keen to engage in dialogues. On the last day we will publicly share work.

The accommodation is basic. We will stay at Numphra Downs, a wild campsite ( There is a well which provides cold water for drinking and washing, toilets are compost loos. Cooking happens on a wood fire. Electricity is available in the village but not on the site.

The whole experience is based on an economy of sharing (as an alternative model to capitalism). We want to offer it completely free of charge for everyone. This is however still dependent on funding. In case of no funding we will ask every participating artist to pay a basic fee of £12 and another £50 for all meals for the week (joining in the meals is optional and artists who live locally can also opt to join certain meals only).

If you feel like joining we would love to hear from you. Artists of all disciplines are welcome. Please tell us why you are interested in the project (max 300 words) and a link to online art work or a selection of images. Deadline 20th July 2016.

About us:

We are Becki Nevin ( and Verena van den Berg ( We both work from sensory experience as a starting point to relate to other people and the world. We explore practices that emerge in relationship (between people, the land, and non- humans).



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