Hyper-realism with Gorton Studio


Senior Lecturer Lucy Willow joined BA(Hons) Fine Art students for a hyper-realism workshop…

‘In partnership with The National Maritime Museum Cornwall, BA(Hons) Fine Art students had the wonderful opportunity to work with  Neil Gorton from Gorton Studio for a day, to learn the art of hyper-realism. Since his career began in 1987  Neil has won 12 major awards for his work on shows such as Doctor Who, The Catherine Tate Show, Bodies and Being Human.

Students cast an arm in silicone, learning the art of mold making, how to mix skin tones, insert hair, and how to create finishes. It was fascinating. Fine Art students are particularly skilled in adapting processes in unusual ways, so we are looking forward to see how these hyper realist methods translate into their studio practice. By the end of the day,  hyper-real skin-toned cabbage leaves were emerging as well as ideas for puppets and masks.


This workshop links to an exhibition at the National Maritime Museum opening in March 2017, documenting the history of maritime tattoos.  Gorton Studios have been commissioned to make body parts that are now being tattooed by artists around the country. The museum is also interested in following up the workshop with an article on how our Fine Art  students incorporate hyper-realism into their studio practice…watch this space’.



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