The Anna Maria Fox year comes to a close with a festive finale at The Poly, Falmouth

The Scary Little Girls theatre company have spent the last year organising a programme of events, funded by the Heritage Lottery, to celebrate the the 200th anniversary of Falmouth’s most-famous philanthropist, Anna Maria Fox.  The collaborations featured Falmouth University, the Royal Polytechnic Society and Glendurgan Gardens all coming together to preserve and celebrate her life.


The finale event, which took place at The Poly (The Royal Polytechnic Sociery) in Falmouth, which was co-founded by Anna Maria aged just 17, saw the Scary Little Girls join members of the Falmouth community to stage an evening of festive song, dance, and revelry.

Dr Ginny Button, Director of Falmouth School of Art, was featured in the commemorative programme for the project, providing a testimonial of Anna Maria’s “pivotal role in promoting the arts and culture in Falmouth”.  Ginny continues to explain that “without her, we might never have had an art school, or specialist arts university here”.  The “art classes and Annual Exhibition, which was selected by Anna Maria, took place at Falmouth’s Poly, and led to the opening of Falmouth School of Art in 1902.  Her inspirational story – her vision, imagination and determination – seems very much alive and relevant for young, creative people today”.




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