‘f u t u r e – o r e’ Private View on Friday 30 June

Future-ore resides in the cortex of Redruth and is powered by their profitable history in copper and tin mining. The success is now grounded into a state of absence. A memory awaiting rejuvenation. The streets appear empty as imagery of the past paints a distance between the present. The community is tethered to the past without any direction of the future. Whilst the location is scattered with engine houses and chimney stacks all overgrown with nature, they stand as monuments. This architectural heritage is stamped with high street branding to regenerate the area but transcends into a pit of sameness. These issues point towards a new mineral.

Daniell Bethel and Sonja Johansson present ‘f u t u r e – o r e’ at Back Lane West on Friday 30 June 5 – 9pm and Saturday 1 July 10am – 4pm.  A ‘Transitions’ graduate residency supported by Falmouth University.  Daniell and Sonja have just completed their final year at Falmouth School of Art, studying BA(Hons) Fine Art.




Plasizmo – Exhibition at Back Lane West, Redruth

PLASIZMO is a collaborative contemporary art exhibition at Back Lane West, Redruth, created by two of our graduating students from BA(Hons) Fine Art.



Rosie McGinn and Gareth Wilde were selected to participate in the Back Lane West residency programme in conjunction with the Falmouth School of Art. The one month residency has provided support, space and time for the artists to continue the development of their fine art practices on graduating.

Back Lane West is an artist-led residency, project and meeting space in Redruth, Cornwall. Its aims are to support and encourage critically engaged visual art practice and artists’ professional development, while contributing to the growth of a nationally and internationally connected, cultural community and network in the South West.

PLASIZMO will take place at Back Lane West, Redruth on Friday 26th June, 7-10pm.

Back Lane West is a short walk from both rail and bus links.

Moving/Image: group exhibition of new and recent video work

Four Cornwall-based artists – Stacey Guthrie, Fiona Léus-Lambert, Christina Romero Cross and Frances Walsh – are showing new and recent work in a group show at CMR Gallery, Redruth, open from Sunday 26 April to 03 May, 12.00-17.00 daily.

The show, entitled Moving/Image, is a selection of new and recent work that utilises video, sculpture and installation.

Three of the artists – Stacey Guthrie, Christina Romero Cross and Frances Walsh – are alumni of Falmouth University, where they studied Fine Art. Stacey Guthrie’s work has recently been shown at Newlyn Art Gallery as part of the Bloomberg New Contemporaries show. Fiona Léus Lambert is an established artist, based in Porthleven, who has shown widely in Germany and the UK. Both she and Frances Walsh have been members of artist-led CMR Gallery for several years.

A grant from Arts Council England for new video work has supported the exhibition.


The work of Christina Romero Cross engages with the miniature and the interior. Romero Cross has described how she is ‘endlessly fascinated by secret chambers and unexpected views of the otherwise hidden, like a glimpse through imperfectly closed curtains to the interior of a life unknown’.

The interactive video installation being shown by Stacey Guthrie is a new piece that explores the cumulative effect of menial work over time. Employing her signature style, Guthrie takes a humorous and darkly surreal look at what happens to one woman when she is literally consumed by laundry.

Frances Walsh will be showing a new piece of work that further extends her recent series of projected, looped and closely observational video recordings – in this case, a quiet study of a child’s attempts to build and light a fire.

A graduate from Städelschule in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, with the title of ‘Meisterschule’, Fiona Léus Lambert formerly worked intensely with Super 8 and 16mm film, editing ‘in-camera’. More recently she has used video and other digital mediums and editing methods. Although ideally her films should be seen in a cinema situation, some, like the new piece in CMR, are conceived as installations. ‘Loss’ is personal piece, but also references classical forms in art.

CMR member and artist Frances Walsh explains “It can sometimes seem that there are perhaps fewer opportunities to show video or installation-based art work, compared to painting or sculpture. But the spaces at CMR Gallery lend themselves to this type of work. With the Moving/Image show, I sought to bring together the work of four female artists that explored different approaches to producing and using the moving image: we are all primarily using digital video projections within installation environments, but the working methods, themes and intentions behind our work are very different. The environment at CMR has allowed each participating artist to have their own dedicated space to show recent and in some cases new work, to new audiences. We hope as many people as possible will come and have a look.”



Bedroom Tax and Other Political Art

The below event includes the work of an alumna of the Falmouth School of Art, Mary Fletcher.  It’s taking place in Redruth over the next three days.

Mary was moved by the imposition of the ‘Bedroom Tax’ to paint some pictures contrasting Van Gogh, who had a spare room, which he famously decorated with the sunflower paintings ready for the visit Gauguin, with David Cameron who, Fletcher asserts, has a spare house and leads the government which brought in the ‘Bedroom Tax’.

Van Gogh was supported most of his life by his brother Theo, having proved himself unable to keep a steady job.

Musing on the contributions made to life by Vincent and David leads Mary to take up the subject of spare rooms, whether they are needed, what the effect of the ‘Bedroom Tax’ is, and similarly spare houses, second homes….

She invited contributions from others on this subject and also other political art for this show at the Cornwall Media Resources artist group in Redruth.

David Axtell has joined the show with some installations, plus Alice Mahoney, Fred McVittie and others.


Inland Art Festival features group show by Falmouth alumni

The Inland Art Festival is a contemporary arts festival in Redruth from 25 – 28 September. Falmouth alumni are involved in the show through their membership of CMR Gallery & Project Space. CMR will be presenting an exhibition of work by 13 artists, titled Interplay.

Interplay features works by Claire Stockings-Baker, Ros Bason, Mary Fletcher, Ron Ford, Rob Gawthrop, Adam Grose, Jonathan Hayter, Fred McVittie, Laura Menzies, Morwenna Morrison, Jayne Anita Smith and Frances Walsh.

Open from 10.00 to 17.00, Thursday 25 – Sunday 28 September, Late opening 18.30 to 22.30, Friday 26th September

Interplay poster jpeg


Alias hub – Back Lane West, Saturday December 7th – 12.30

BACK LANE WEST will be hosting the first of a series of informal lunch- time ALIAS networking events. An opportunity for artists and those interested in contemporary art to discuss, share knowledge, information and ideas, access advice and make links, over a bowl of homemade soup. All welcome.
Patrick and Jane Lowry will have been to The Art Party Conference in Scarborough and the associated Artquest project, Fringe: Art Party, so will hopefully be in a position to share any interesting and useful findings.

9 Back Lane West, Redruth, TR15 2BT