We’re very pleased to share the blogs and websites of Falmouth School of Art alumni. If you’d like us to add yours, contact us with the link(s), your name, course and year:

Dave Bain BA(Hons Illustration 2006

Alastair Barford BA(Hons) Fine Art 2014

James Binning (now part of Assemble) – Foundation 2006

Paula Bowles BA(Hons) Illustration 2005

Rebecca Cobb BA(Hons) Illustration 2004

Michael Cox BA(Hons) Fine Art 2016

Theo Crutchley-Mack BA(Hons) Drawing 2015

Fieldnotes – Cat Bagg and Rosie Thomson-Glover, MA Curatorial Practice

Peter Fox BA(Hons) Fine Art 1982 – Co-Director of artist-led initiative Redwing)

Sophie Glover BA(Hons) Drawing 2014

William Grill BA(Hons) Illustration 2012

Freya Hartas BA(Hons) Illustration 2014

Kate Holford BA(Hons) Fine Art 2013

Olivia Jones BA(Hons) Fine Art 2013

Alice Kemp BA(Hons) Fine Art 2010

Pablo de Laborde Lascaris BA(Hons) Fine Art 2011

Hew Locke BA(Hons) Fine Art 1988

Andrew Mania BA(Hons) Fine Art 1997

Rosie McGinn BA(Hons) Fine Art 2015

Ben Rivers BA(Hons) Fine Art 1993

Katie Simms BA(Hons) Fine Art 2010

Alex Turvey – Foundation 2002

Roselyne Williams – BA(Hons) Fine Art 1986 – Co-Director of artist-led initiative Redwing