BA(Hons) Fine Art Second Year Show 2017

The gallery below features images from the BA(Hons) Fine Art second year show which took place at The Poly, Falmouth in March 2017.  All photographs were taken by second year student Alicia JB McKenzie.

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Second year BA(Hons) Fine Art exhibitions at The Poly, Falmouth


Second year BA(Hons) Fine Art students at Falmouth welcome fellow students, staff and all of Falmouth’s art lovers to The Poly, Falmouth this week and next for a two-part show.

The Poly, Church Street, Falmouth 

Show 1 of 2 – 7 – 10 March –

Tuesday 7 March – Private View 4.30-7pm | Wednesday and Thursday 10am – 7pm | Friday 10am – 1pm

Show 2 of 2 – 14 – 17 March –

Tuesday 14 March – Private View 4.30-7pm | Wednesday and Thursday 10am – 7pm | Friday 10am – 1pm


The Anna Maria Fox year comes to a close with a festive finale at The Poly, Falmouth

The Scary Little Girls theatre company have spent the last year organising a programme of events, funded by the Heritage Lottery, to celebrate the the 200th anniversary of Falmouth’s most-famous philanthropist, Anna Maria Fox.  The collaborations featured Falmouth University, the Royal Polytechnic Society and Glendurgan Gardens all coming together to preserve and celebrate her life.


The finale event, which took place at The Poly (The Royal Polytechnic Sociery) in Falmouth, which was co-founded by Anna Maria aged just 17, saw the Scary Little Girls join members of the Falmouth community to stage an evening of festive song, dance, and revelry.

Dr Ginny Button, Director of Falmouth School of Art, was featured in the commemorative programme for the project, providing a testimonial of Anna Maria’s “pivotal role in promoting the arts and culture in Falmouth”.  Ginny continues to explain that “without her, we might never have had an art school, or specialist arts university here”.  The “art classes and Annual Exhibition, which was selected by Anna Maria, took place at Falmouth’s Poly, and led to the opening of Falmouth School of Art in 1902.  Her inspirational story – her vision, imagination and determination – seems very much alive and relevant for young, creative people today”.



Fine Art Alumna has film selected for the Cornwall Film Festival

We are thrilled to announce Tanya Morel, a BA(Hons) Fine Art alumna has recently co-produced and directed a film which has been selected for the Cornwall Film Festival.

The screening will take place this Saturday 05 November, 1.30pm at The Poly in Falmouth.  The screening will follow with a Q&A/panel discussion, tickets are available to buy here.

Diary of a Madman “follows Poprishkin, a low ranking civil servant with ideas above his station, who has fallen in love with the Director’s daughter.  Coupled with delusions of grandeur and an inability to accept his lot in life, this obsession becomes a catalyst that sets him on the road to madness.  A journey that is both absurdly funny and heartbreakingly tragic” (Devon and Cornwall Film).

Tanya, who originally trained as an actor, graduated from Falmouth in 2006 with a 1st class BA(Hons) in Fine Art and has since gone on to work with drawing, sculpture, printmaking, painting, animation and film making.  Tanya co-founded Oddbodies, a critically acclaimed and award-winning production company that specialises in innovative and highly visual work.